History of the Illinois Chapter, Daughters of Founders 
and Patriots of America
The Illinois Chapter, DFPA was organized on March 24, 1908 by Judith Parkhurst Sinclair, Frances Sedgwick Smith, Grace E. Shumway and Mary Little Deere.  We were the seventh chapter to organize.

The first meetings were held in the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago 2-3 times a year.  Over the years the location changed to other Chicago locations including the Palmer House, the College Club, member's homes, Marshall Fields, and Chicago Athletic Club.  We have recently started to meet elsewhere in the state which has been very successful.

In April 1935, the chapter published the book "Historical Records and Data" vol. 1, which contained historical information about the ancestral lines of the members.  Vol. 2 was published later.

The chapter has admitted over 500 ladies to membership over the past 100+ years.  We currently have 59 members.  Some of our members have also served the National Society, DFPA.  They are:

Mrs. Frederick A. Sapp        National Councillor  1943-45
Mrs. Len Young Smith         National Councillor  1955-58,                               National Registrar    1961-64, National Councillor  1965-67,
   National President    1967-70
Mrs. E. Pierpont Graham     National Councillor  1970-73         
Mrs. Roscoe Fisher             National Treasurer   1982-85
Mrs. V. Robert Baird            National Councillor  1983-86
Miss F. Lynette Sherman     National Councillor  1989-92
Mrs. Conrad F. Wilson         National Historian    1991-94
Mrs. Sharla Wilson Luken    National Corresponding Secretary 2009-2012
Dr. Kimberly Nagy                National Councillor  2005-08
    National Chaplain 2012-2015, National Vice President 2015-2018.
    National President 2018-2021
Miss Anne Sears                National Councillor  2018-2021
                                           National Historian  2021-2024

In 1954, the chapter marked the site of the first school house in Chicago on the corner of State St. and Wacker Dr. We also presented a historical plaque in 1980 to Mann's Chapel in Roseville, IL which was built in 1857.